All players require a uniform to play (Scorpions jersey and shorts).

Our club offers uniform ordering direct with the supplier:

There will always be an opportunity to order uniforms during the registration period for a new season. This ensures that new players or players needing to upsize will have their order ready in time for the first game of the season. Your order will be delivered to your home for a small delivery fee.

Please contact our Uniform Coordinator via scorpionsuniforms@gmail.com for  more information.

Orders are now open for uniforms for the upcoming Summer Season 2021/2022.  Orders must be received by August 22nd, 2021 or may not be ready for the first game in October!!

NUMBERS:  You will be asked on the order to enter a jersey number. Due to our timeframes, please enter your previous Scorpions number OR if you are a new player, you may enter a preferred number, however ALL number allocations will be done by the club prior to the order being made.  This is finalised to avoid clashes within teams and across age groups.







All players are recommended to wear a mouthguard for games and training.  Scorpions have partnered with Ashburton Family Dental to provide a professional but discounted custom made mouthguard, ready for the beginning of every new season.

The next fitting session for mouthguards will be September 13th 2021, 4-5pm.