We are always on the look out for new committee members, we are a big club with a  small commitee.  Meetings are generally every 6 to 8 weeks, if you are interested in being on the committee please contact us at for more information.

Next Meeting: Monday 16th March, 2020

2021 Committee Members
President Filled
Vice President Vacant
Secretary Available
Meeting Minutes
Registrar Becoming vacant
Treasurer Filled
Coaching Coordinator Becoming vacant
Team Manager Coordinator Filled
Uniforms Coordinator Filled
Sponsors Coordinator Filled
General Committee
New members welcome at any time

Some tasks that we would love to help with from general committee members include: keeping this website up to date / meeting minutes / social events.

Many hands make light work, plus we need to have all Executive roles filled to continue to operate, as per our club’s constitution. Please consider raising your hand.