Fixtures and Ladders

Waverley Basketball Association has the latest fixture and ladder information for the current season.  To view click on the links below.

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Team Allocation & Grading

Each new season the Scorpions Committee will nominate an Age Group Coordinator for each age group of the Waverley Competition. Waverley sets the ‘cut off’ dates for these age groups – Under 8, U10, U12, U14, U16, U18 and U20.  Each age group has a Girls Competition (girls only) and Boys Competition (girls can play but criteria apply (see WBA website)).

Registration Period / Nominating Team Mates:

For Under 8 and Under 10 groups – The Glen Iris Scorpions Age Group Coordinators will consider the experience, other possible needs of each player and team balance, however a greater emphasis is placed on friendships in these age groups.

Where possible, and numbers permitting, players will be placed with at least one nominated friend or existing team mate. Experience and skill level will also be considered in order to create optimally balanced teams. There are three fields to nominate a friend so please use all three fields. If you only complete one or two fields there is no guarantee you will be placed with that nominated friend.

For Under 12 – Under 14 groups – Age Group Coordinators will put teams together, following the registration period for each new season, based on skill level.  All players in these groups must attend the applicable grading session for their age group, which will be advertised during the Registration period. Players who do not attend the grading session will be placed in a team at the Age Group Co-ordinator’s discretion.

Whilst you can still nominate team mates you would like to play with, the greater emphasis will be on forming teams of even skill level.

For Under 16 groups & over – There is no grading for these groups, however, a greater emphasis will be placed on player skill level and creating evenly skilled teams. You may still nominate team mates you wish to play with and this will be considered by the Age Group Co-ordinator when selecting teams.

Please note that the club reserves the right to move players within the first four weeks of the season if the committee/Age Group Coordinator thinks that individual players have been placed in the wrong division or if we need to balance numbers within teams of the same age group.

Waverley Basketball Association Grading

Each new season begins with around 5 grading matches where the results do not count towards the teams results / place on ladder for the remainder of the season. Movement of teams will occur during this time. Scorpions coaches should communicate any concerns to the Coaching Coordinator at  They should not approach Waverley themselves.

For changes in place since Summer 2018/2019 please click here.


Scoring Tutorial

Scoring for the first time may seem a daunting task, however it’s pretty easy once you get in front of the screen.  Waverley have put together a handy tutorial so you can  familiarise yourself with it before scoring duty.  Click here to view.