Winter 2020 Registration Information


Please read through completely

 General Registration Information

All applications for registration after Sunday 1st March WILL BE WAITLISTED.  Registration will ONLY be accepted if team numbers allow, and if proceeds will incur a Late Registration Fee of $50 per player.  After March 1st 2020 please email your child’s details to the club Registrar-

  • Uniform Orders – direct with the supplier – here 
  • Uniform sample sizes are available to try on Thursday 20th and 27th Feb 5.30-6.15 pm. The Uniform Co-ordinator will be in the canteen area at Waverley Stadium.  Scorpions caps and t-shirts will be available for sale at the same time.  Uniform enquiries: 
  • All players are recommended to wear a mouthguard.  Book in for your custom fitting March 16 2020.  See the website for all details.

Games and Training

U8-U14 age groups are often Thursday after school with time/location to be advised – commencing 16th April 2020.

Winter season games commence on

  • Saturday 18th April 2020 for U8, U10, U12 teams and U14 Junior
  • Sunday 19th April 2020 for U16, U18 Junior and U23 Men
  • Tuesday 21st April 2020 for U14, U16 and U18 Girls

For further information please explore this website.

Transition to PlayHQ registration system

Basketball Victoria and Waverley Basketball are transitioning  their registration system to a new platform – PlayHQ. This means Glen Iris Scorpions registration will now be on PlayHQ.  Please read on for information about registering via PlayHQ and general registration information.

Registration Fees

Basketball Victoria will be charging a yearly $25 fee for each Junior player. This used to be paid via our fees to Waverley but now is being charged at an individual level. Waverley have consequently lowered team fees and we have adjusted our club fees accordingly.

Fees for Winter 2020 season are;

U14 and under – $175

U16 and above – $135

U23 Senior – please email interest to

PlayHQ login

Parents registering their child to play will initially need to set up an account with email and password. PlayHQ will continue to recognise and remember all children attached to that parent login in subsequent seasons. In order to pay the Basketball Victoria fee only once a year – this login email should stay consistent throughout seasons.


If you are interested in coaching and are able to coach a team please tick YES.

The club will provide training and support to new and experienced coaches.

Waverley Basketball Association require all teams to nominate a game day coach/representative.  Our club also requires a coach/team representative to run a week day training session with their team at the allocated time for Under 14 and younger age groups.  The game day coach and training roles can be shared.

All coaches must hold a valid ‘Working with Children Check’ (WWC).

Team Manager Role

A Team Manager is usually a parent from the team who coordinates communication for their team for the season.  They will be supported by the Scorpions Team Manager Coordinator, so no prior experience is needed!  This season we will be asking that Team Managers also hold a valid WWC.

Social Media

The Glen Iris Scorpions website, Facebook and Instagram pages are a quick and easy way for the club to disseminate information to our families, engage with our community and share our teams in action at training, games & events.

These club social media channels are publicly accessible by all internet users. The club may share team information, photographs and videos, but no individual information is included.

New to Glen Iris Scorpions?

If you played last season for a different domestic club in the Waverley competition, you will need to complete a clearance form and provide a copy to our club and the Waverley office.

Teams and Age groups

Scorpions Basketball enters teams into competitions that are run by the Waverley Basketball Association (and if numbers and interest allow, MEBA (Nunawading)).

These are in 2 main categories:

1)  Junior Domestic competition which all boys OR mixed teams can enter, and

2)  Girls Domestic competition which is strictly girls only.

Please use the following guide to select the correct age category for your player/s;

Age Group Allocation for Winter Season cut off is December 31st.

6 or 7 years old as at 31st December 2019 – Under 8

8 or 9 as at 31st December 2019 – Under 10

10 or 11 as at 31st December 2019 – Under 12

12 or 13 as at 31st December 2019 – Under 14

14 or 15 as at 31st December 2019 – Under 16

16 or 17 as at 31st December 2019 – Under 18

18 – 22 as at 31st December 2019 – Under 23 Mens

Please email interest in U23 Mens team to

Nominating team mates

For our full team selection and grading policy please read here

 For Under 8 and Under 10 groups – Where possible and numbers permitting players will be placed with at least one nominated friend or existing team mate. There are three fields to nominate a friend so please use all three fields. If you only complete one or two fields there is no guarantee you will be placed with that nominated friend.

For Under 12 – Under 14 groups – All players in these groups must attend the applicable grading session for their age group, which will be held on Thursday March 5th. Players who do not attend the grading session will be placed in a team at the Age Group Co-ordinator’s discretion. Whilst you can still nominate team mates you would like to play with, the greater emphasis will be on forming teams of even skill level.

For Under 16 groups & over – There is no grading for these groups, however, a greater emphasis will be placed on player skill level and creating evenly skilled teams. You may still nominate team mates you wish to play with and this will be considered by the Age Group Co-ordinator when selecting teams.

Parent/Guardian & Emergency contact details

PlayHQ will ask for a second parent/guardian details – it is NOT mandatory to fill this in.

PlayHQ will also ask for emergency contact details. This can be the registering parent or another individual.


Please note that in compliance with the Terms and Conditions of Registration, individual player refunds will not be issued once the player/team has been officially registered with the Waverley Basketball Association.   Any special requests for refunds must be submitted to the Glen Iris Basketball Club Committee for consideration.

Code of Conduct

The Glen Iris District Basketball Club uses a CODE OF CONDUCT (developed by Basketball Victoria) which provides a guide to the expectations of those involved in the club.  This guide applies to all players, coaches, administrators and spectators.

To register a player all parents/guardians and players must be aware of the Code of Conduct and agree to comply with the guidelines.

The Code of Conduct can be found on the club website by clicking here.


By proceeding with this registration you acknowledge to have read and accepted Glen Iris Scorpions

  • Code of conduct
  • Grading and team selection policy

Please use this link to register