Teams Summer 2019

Teams for Summer 2019 are now available. Please click here.

Putting teams together is generally not an easy task, regardless of whether you are graded, or friendship based.   If your initial thoughts are that you are unhappy with the team selection, we ask that you please have a look at all teams in the age group; consider our team selection criteria (which is available on the website) and talk to your child.  A season is only 18 games long, and a season with new players opens up new friendships or rekindles old ones and gives your child access to another way to play the game.  After this review, if you are still not satisfied then please feel free to contact me to discuss.

Please note that the club reserves the right to move players within the first four weeks of the season if the committee/Age Group Coordinator thinks that individual players have been placed in the wrong division or if we need to balance numbers within teams of the same age group. For more information on Scorpions Team Allocation and Grading please click here.