Welcome back to Scorpions 2020! We hope everyone is well rested, refreshed and ready to go. It’s been a challenging summer for Australia and we are all particularly saddened by the tragic loss of basketball legend Kobe Bryant. He was an inspiration to countless young basketballers and we hope his passion for the game lives on in some small way through our club.

The summer season gets back into full swing this week so please read on for important dates and news.

Return to training and games.
Training is back this THURSDAY 30th Jan at your teams usual time.
Saturday games start THIS SATURDAY 1st Feb
Sunday games start SUNDAY 2nd Feb
Tuesday games start TUESDAY 4th Feb 
Winter Registrations
Registrations for Winter 2020 season will open on 17/2/2020 and close on 1/3/2020. Grading for U12 and U14 teams is scheduled for Thursday 5th March. 
Stingers Program
We will be running our Stingers junior development program in February. This program aims to introduce new basketballers to the basic skills of the game prior to joining a team. The sessions will run on Sunday afternoons for 3 weeks from 2-3pm commencing Feb 16th. Please pass on to anyone that may have a new Scorpion (6 years or above by Dec 30th 2019)  ready to join a team. Registrations can be made via trybooking hereBookings close midnight Feb 12th
Team Allocation and Grading
Our goal as a club is to encourage participation, team spirit and the social and sporting development of all our players. As the club continues to grow, team allocation becomes an increasingly complicated exercise. Our full grading policy can be found on our website here.
The current Club policy is to appoint an Age group Co-ordinator (AGC) for each age group who is responsible for forming the teams. 
U8 & U10’s are formed based on friendship preferences and team balance.
U12 & U14’s are graded and teams formed with consideration of skill, team balance and friendship if possible. 
U16 & U18 are formed on friendship and team balance. 
To keep the grading process as transparent as possible, we also ask an independent  panel of coaches to watch the grading sessions and provide feedback to the AGC.
Meet the Coach Q & A – Jane O’Dwyer
Most of our coaches are parents or older teen Scorpion players. Their commitment, energy and enthusiasm is hugely valued by the club!
Jane is currently coaching U14 boys in her 3rd season of coaching  basketball.
How much experience in basketball had you had prior to coaching?
I have had experience playing basketball both as a junior and adult, but have never coached.
What do you enjoy about coaching? 
Coaching has been a great experience. I have enjoyed teaching the boys different  skills and game play as well as learning lots of new things from them. We always have lots of fun at training, then bring it all together on game day. It’s very rewarding watching the boys grow as a team and develop their skills and confidence in the game. 
What would you say to someone considering stepping up to coach?
I would recommend other parents to get involved. It doesn’t take up much of your time and it’s great to get involved in your child’s sport. 
Get Involved!
Glen Iris Scorpions is a community based volunteer club. This means we rely on parent involvement to make playing basketball a great experience for our kids. All the committee, club officials and most of the coaches are volunteers. There are many ways to help out but volunteering to be a coach or manager of your child’s team is one great way. We offer a discount in registration fees to managers and coaches as a thank you for time and effort. We also offer coaching development sessions both internally and externally to the club.  We also welcome new committee members of attendees to committee meetings. For more information on these meetings please email
I look forward to meeting many more teams, players and coaches in 2020! Go Scorpions!


Alisa Pont

Glen Iris Scorpions Basketball Club